Marazzi Backstage @CERSAIE 2005

Marazzi @Cersaie 2005

The work for the Marazzi exhibition space promo at CERSAIE 2005 in Bologna, is a part of the project developed by the Palma & Vannicola and built by Eurofiere. This project involved me in the realization of a footage for the press kit, to describe the making of the exhibition space and the final result, and to compose a flyer to be given the visitors during the event. The soundtrack of the promo, is composed by USELESS IDEA, an independent electronic artist and the images for the flyer are provided by Palma & Vannicola.

Marazzi Showroom @ Cersaie 2005: press kit promo of the behind the scenes from Fulvio Martello on Vimeo.


2005 STUDIO PALMA & VANNICOLA ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI | Architecture & Design Video promo of many exhibitions.
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