MeDesign Report


During the IV year of University in 2004, I had the opportunity to co-operate with the department of science for architecture (also known as DSA) to produce the videos for two big events organized by University of Genoa, sponsored by public institution and important companies. For the “concept-event” Magazzini del Design, in May, I co-operated for organization and then, as videomaker, to produce the clip for press-kit. During the “MeDesign” exhibition in November, I realized the institutional video. And, of course, I help to “build” the exhibition too. 🙂


2004 Università degli Studi di Genova – DSA (Italy) | Università / Higher education Video maker for the events “Magazzini del Design” and “MeDesign” in Genoa.


A copy of the video “MeDesign” was sent to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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