PhD research

PhD Thesis

The aim of my Ph.D. thesis, “The audiovisual project for the fruition of cultural heritages from learning instrument to experience place“, is to describe some guidelines in the scenario of the visual communication, from the origin of the cinema to the interactive projections, the augmented reality based edutainment systems and the immersive experiences. The research compares the development of the image in movement with the events of the history, going over the idea of documentary as “complement of a cultural experience” and showing all the possibilities that the digital image can offer nowadays. A part of the research is aimed to go in depth the languages of new medias to analyze the relationship of the “story” and the “audience”: to do that, it”s time to move to the concept of Cultural Interface well described by Lev Manovich.


2010 | The audiovisual project for the fruition of cultural heritages -­ from learning instrument to experience place | Italian | 245 pages

Supervisor: Paola Gambaro | Other supervisors: Antida Gazzola / Antonia TorchiPetra Gemeinboeck in Australia @COFA